Féminisme | Mai 2015

La ex-Femen Éloïse Bouton al Radiogolden per le "Giornate dell’orgoglio omosessuale", article dans le journal italien Treviso Today, 9 mai 2015 

La ex-Femen Éloïse Bouton al Radiogolden per le

La ex-Femen Éloïse Bouton al Radiogolden per le "Giornate dell'orgoglio omosessuale" Eventi a Treviso
La ex-Femen Éloïse Bouton domenica 10 maggio al Radiogolden bar di Conegliano (Treviso) presenterà il suo libro “Confession d’une Ex-Femen”. La militante francese, volto noto per l’appartenenza, negli anni scorsi, al movimento femminista di protesta ucraino protagonista di clamorose proteste a seno nudo, sarà intervistata da Massimo Ceresa alle 16.30 nell’ambito delle “Giornate dell'orgoglio omosessuale” organizzate dall'associazione Shake LGBTE con il patrocinio del Comune di Conegliano e in collaborazione con Agedo (Associazione di genitori, parenti e amici di omosessuali)...

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  • 09 Mai 2015

Invitée sur RFI English, 4 mai 2015

Invitée sur RFI English, 4 mai 2015

Last Friday, a may day speech by Marine Le Pen, the leader of France's far right national Front was disrupted by a group of topless female activists making Nazi salutes from a balcony overlooking the podium at the Place de l'Opera in central Paris. They unfurled two red banners reading "Heil Le Pen" and made the Nazi salute before being dragged from the balcony by National Front security staff. Earlier, two others members from the same militant feminist group had tried to stop Marine Le Pen from laying a wreath at a statue of Joan of Arc in the French capital but were also unceremoniously bundled away. The militants were all members of a group called Femen. One of the former members of the group in France is Eloise Bouton who quit Femen last year spoke to RFI's Philip Turle...

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  • 04 Mai 2015

The 344th Slut: A French Feminist Fights for Equality, interview dans le magazine américain Skepchick, 4 mai 2015

It’s a longstanding feminist complaint: men can do anything from yardwork to club sports with their torsos exposed, but when a woman appears topless in public it’s considered illegal and indecent. What may surprise American readers is the fact that France, a country we associate with racy films and nude beaches, shares this double standard—and just like in the United States, the desire to control women’s bodies results in restrictions on health care access and reproductive rights...

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  • 04 Mai 2015