Sensual and Sexual: How to Develop Sexuality by Getting in Touch with Your Sensual Self

When we discuss sex, the concepts of sensuality and sexuality are often brought up in the same context. Yet, there are significant differences between the two. In particular, sensuality can be a form of pleasure that isn’t necessarily connected to certain sexual turn-ons or sexual encounters as such. Instead, sensuality mainly refers to engaging in the five senses as a way to explore our environment and receive pleasure from it.

Sexuality, in turn, is more biological in its nature and refers to the body, specifically genital responsiveness to different sexual stimuli, orgasms, and release. Sexuality is dynamic and can change with time. Its depth is directly connected to the ways we interact with each other and explore our bodies and bodily experience through physical intimacy. 

Sexuality and sensuality are essential ways to seek pleasure. In this article, we will share why both concepts are important in the relationship and how to improve your intimate experience through your sensual and sexual sides. 

Know the Difference

Sexuality and sensuality have a lot in common, and sensuality is often perceived as a light version of sexuality. However, they’re not the same thing. Sexual relates to how we feel and how we act, think, feel, and express ourselves sexually. This includes nudity, sexual arousal, genital stimulation, and our responsiveness to it. 

Sensuality is primarily based on the senses through which we experience our bodies, other bodies, and the world around us. Sensual relates to what we obtain through sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch.

While using all your senses, sensuality becomes a fun way to create a positive body image and evoke different emotional states. And studies show that positive body image is directly associated with greater sexual expression and sexual satisfaction.  

Sensuality is a form of pleasure that doesn’t require having sex in the first place. You can obtain it whether you’re single, with a significant other, or you don’t want to be engaged in a sexual connection at all. At the same time, getting in touch with your sensual self can significantly improve your relationships and sex lives.  

Why do We Need Sensuality and Sexuality in Relationships?

It’s crucial for every healthy relationship to maintain both sensual and sexual forms of expression. And it’s necessary for couples to discover their sexual needs and interests through sex.

However, considering that it’s still a lot of stereotypes and stigma around the concept of sexuality and sex as such, sensuality can be an easier way for most people to find pleasure and sexual desires without shame associated with beliefs in our culture.

In this case, in order to receive sensual pleasure, you can, for example, dance with your partner to your favorite music, making this process a comfortable and fun foreplay. You can touch every part of your partner’s body and observe their reaction. This kind of sensual touch is a great way to reconnect and find what may feel good for both partners during sex. 

How to Enhance Your Sensuality

Most people are sensual in their own unique manner. And there are so many ways how you can improve your sex life through your sensual experience. Use all your senses, and feel how your body reacts to your environment and particularly to your partner’s actions during sex. 

Remember that everything starts with you and your own desire for sensual pleasure. So good sensual sex, in the first place, requires a genuine interest in yourself and your sensual bodily experience. Here are some strategies on how to enhance your sensuality. 

Make your favorite meal

Food is more than just fuel for your body. And your relationship with food can mirror your relationship with pleasure. Think about your favorite dish. When was the last time you ate it? What did you feel at that moment?

Try to cook it just for yourself, and focus on your sense of smell while experimenting with spices and seasonings. As much as this process can uplift your mood, it can also light up your senses of smell and taste.

Engage in physical activities

This can be everything, from yoga or dance classes to music courses where you can enjoy playing guitar or other musical instruments. Explore how your body responds to active movement and what physical sensations you can evoke while getting new skills. In some way, that’s exactly how your body responds to intimacy.

Experiment with sex toys

Whether alone or with your partner, don’t be afraid to explore your own sexuality through your sensual enjoyment. Sex shouldn’t always be about penetration but mostly about your sense of it.

In order to improve sexuality, think of what kind of stimulation you like the most. There are different sex toys on the market for both women and men. So don’t be afraid to try them in order to define your specific sexual style and simply have fun during the process. 

Preserve eye contact

A sensual person always makes eye contact with someone they’re talking to. And it’s likewise important during a sexual encounter. By doing so, you open the door to your heart for your partner. And intense eye contact can additionally stimulate sexual arousal.

Play with your partner’s hair

This small and, at first glance, insignificant act will greatly contribute to your sensual experience. Playing with your partner in such a way gives you an opportunity to be more connected with the partner’s feelings. So don’t forget about this gesture while laying in bed or watching a movie together. 

Don’t neglect the foreplay

Always remember that the quality of the foreplay, in many ways, defines the quality of sensual sex. Run your hands through the body of your partner, and engage them in a long and sensual kissing session.

Take care of the atmosphere around you and involve your partner in the process in order to enhance the senses of sight, smell, and sound. Build a sense of desire in them, light up aromatic candles, play some music, or experiment with led-lightning. 

Keep the romance alive 

Despite what is mostly believed in our culture, there is no need for expensive gifts or flowers every day. And no matter how long you’ve been in the relationship, romance stays alive due to small things. Before going to work, kiss and hug your partner.

Do the same when you come home, especially if your significant other is in a bad mood. These gestures of joy and affection will make your partner feel more loved, comfortable, and protected. 

On a weekday, cuddle inside the blanket while lying on the couch watching a film. All this will keep the fire of love burning between both partners. Any small gesture of love can change even the worst day into a greater one and transform the usual sexual experience into unforgettable sensual sex.  

Everything starts with a touch

A sense of touch is a type of nonverbal communication that can help you discover what feels good for you and become more sensual during sex. Through touch, you can pick up the information from your environment and find beauty in the everyday world. 

If you want to become a more sensual person, engage your senses during simple everyday activities like eating, dressing up, trying different fabrics and textures, visiting art galleries, and taking care of yourself. Use any activities you like to find pleasure in, take your time, and enjoy the process.


If none of these methods doesn’t work for you properly, consider doing some research on sex ed on the web. Watch Youtube videos or listen to some podcasts. There is a wide range of free and useful material on how to improve your sensuality and stay connected with all your feelings. 

Also, visiting a sex therapist can also be an option if the lack of sensuality deprives your sexual pleasure and sexual connection with your partner. A sex therapist can also help in defining your specific sexual style, making your sex life more fulfilled and your sexual expression more vivid and colorful. 

Final Thoughts 

What is sensual sex? In most cases, sensual sexual is two words with nearly the same implication but significant differences in nature. The idea of sensuality involves a deep sense of meaning for the intimate encounter as such. It gives an opportunity to further sexual intimacy between the partners. Sensuality establishes a bond of mutual love, trust, and care. 

Also, it’s possible to improve your sex life while developing sensuality. You have to constantly focus on all your mood and emotional/physical reactions, including the five senses of sight, taste, smell, sound, and touch.

Be mindful and use different activities alone or with your partner to find out what feels good for you. Sensual touch is a great way to reconnect with your significant other and get in touch with your sensual selves during sex.