Feminine, masculine and effeminate.

Effeminate: meaning

Thorny topic: let us try to treat it with due caution.There is a lot of confusion in the straight world between gay/lesbian people and transgender people.We could go into the softer confusions between nonbinary, transgender, and transvestite, but we are even further behind!

Many of my gay friends and many of my lesbian friends have had, throughout their lives, someone ask them the question, but do you therefore want to transition? Because on the part of the uninformed straight person it was obvious to want a physical normalization to no longer love people of the same sex but return to loving people of the opposite sex by transitioning.

The confusion mostly affects effeminate gay subjects (but of absolutely masculine gender identity) and butch lesbian subjects (of absolutely feminine gender identity, indeed often sometimes feminist and woman-exalting).

There is a big difference between the concepts of effeminate/masculine, affecting gender roles, certain behaviors, movements, attitudes, genderfucking choices (i.e., lesbian girls contracting their names to make them unisex, or gay boys giving themselves the feminine for fun), and perceiving oneself with a gender identity not assonant with the genetic and biological nature of birth.

Masculine and feminine are thus important, deep, and ingrained aspects of a person’s nature, and of his or her gender identity, not to be confused with attitudes of effeminacy/masculinity, often more than anything else apparent, belonging to the gay/lesbian world (and sometimes to some straight people as well! there are masculine women even married, or so-called tomboys, and effeminate men with ambiguous mannerisms who are really heterosexual, or for example, metrosexuals).

It is true that some transgender people have enjoyed, before accepting themselves, the gay world or the apparent gay/lesbian status. But this does NOT mean that gay and lesbian people desire to transition or have a gender identity that does not conform to their birth sex.

Hoping for a future in which reflections such as these are self-evident, I salute you to read us next!