Gianni Vattimo wants to marry Simone Caminada despite conviction: ‘We targeted for being gay’

Yesterday Simone Caminada was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for circumvention of an incapable person. The incapable is Gianni Vattimo. For the judges, the 38-year-old assistant to the philosopher allegedly took advantage of his frailty to get his hands on his assets. The two have known each other since 2010. With regard to Vattimo, the experts found pathologies that lead to a deficit on the predictive, executive level and on the capacity for self-determination. A depressive disorder aggravated by Parkinson’s disease. The defense announced an appeal against the conviction. And the professor himself today in an interview with La Stampa reiterates his intentions: he wants to marry Simone. And he has no plans to stop. Despite the court’s pronouncements. And the opinions of his old friends.

Victim of the system

Vattimo feels victimized, yes. But not of Simone: Of the system. I feel quite crushed. But frankly everything passes. The judges’ verdict he expected: So many people we know have had to deal with justice. Frankly, then it passes. The trial? I didn’t follow all the hearings. Is there anything I said that was not believed? Was I considered a liar? The lawyer says that her sexual orientation has weighed in this matter: Yes, maybe it has weighed. Because all things considered, what else was interesting around it? So he and Caminada were allegedly targeted because they were gay. But Vattimo has no intention of backing down from his intention to marry him: We’ll do it in a suburban place. Something like that. Is there a date yet? Maybe yes, he concludes with Irene Famà.

The trial

Prosecutors Dionigi Tibone and Giulia Rizzo supported their charges by also making use of a series of wiretaps. And they had no doubts: according to them – and the judge – Vattimo is in a state of total psychological dependence on Caminada, mixed with the fear of loneliness and the awareness that he can no longer provide for himself. Last December, magistrates intervened to suspend the civil union (which was to be celebrated in Vimercate) between the professor and the assistant. For the time being, the justice system is treating Vattimo (who has not entered a civil suit) as a person aggrieved by a crime. In fact, three current accounts and a safe deposit box have been ordered to be released for return to the professor. Assets that are likely to remain in the family.